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How to Register

You can register as a Lightfeet Wholesaler via our Register Page. A staff member will be in touch soon after you register, to guide you through the next steps.


Wholesale Costs

  • Wholesale costs will be discussed with your store upon application.

Retail Pricing

  • Please refer to to view RRP for each individual item.


  • Orders under $200 will be charged freight.
  • Orders of $200 or more will receive free shipping.


  • All relevant Country or State sales taxes will be applied at checkout.
  • If your store is located in a Country or State that is exempt of sales taxes, a submission form needs to be received by Interpod Pty Ltd to make sure the exemption is applied to your file.
  • If you have submitted a sales tax exemption and taxes are being added to the order, please email Customer Service.

Payment Terms

  • All payments by Credit Card at checkout.

Money Back Guarantee – Customers

  • Lightfeet performance socks and insoles have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


  • The best way to sell Lightfeet is to wear Lightfeet.
  • Approved retailers are applicable for free samples of the entire Lightfeet range.
  • The amount of free samples will be determined on a store to store basis.
  • To order samples, please contact our Customer Service.
  • Free samples will be sent with your next order.

Try Ons (Socks)

  • Approved retailers are applicable for Try-ons of the Lightfeet sock range.
  • The best way to sell Lightfeet is to wear Lightfeet.
  • Try-ons are shipped to stores twice per year.
  • The amount / styles of Try-ons your store receives is based on your previous 6 months sales.
  • For new accounts, the amount / styles your store receives is based off opening orders.


  • Lightfeet products use US footwear sizing.
  • Please see Sizing Chart page to determine correct sizing.

Arch Support Thong Display Stands

  • Display stands are available for purchase or free if your opening order meets requirements.
  • Please see Point Of Sale page for all prices and details.
  • Display stands will ship separately to your opening order.
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